Entry #1

newgrounds account revived

2011-07-04 15:46:51 by Chandlerklebs

I had almost forgotten that I had a newgrounds account. It's a cool site but back when I joined I had nothing useful to submit. Back in December of 2010, I started learning to use inkscape to draw really cool things.
I joined deviantart and uploaded tons of stuff.

I'm not sure if anybody will see things on this newgrounds account but I might meet some new people..
If you do read this, then please check out some of my stuff on other sites.

http://10binary.deviantart.com/gallery /

I've uploaded just a few of my things on newgrounds as a sample. I doubt I could upload all of my stuff here since most of it might be considered "bad art" since it's so simple but that doesn't make it bad!


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